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School Certificate
Let's start this
Twelve-hour countdown;
This final step towards
The end of an era,
And the beginning of a life.
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A Rumour
Like smoke it creeps
Down silent streets,
And through open doors
Wearing innocent skin,
And saccharine smiles,
It lives between whispers
From friend to friend,
And dies on the lips
Of truth.
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In my head,
Love is a lock,
And a key,
And a little silver heart,
That hangs between us,
On a fragile chain,
Of lies and promises.
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Little Icarus
Run, little dreamer,
And spread those pretty wings.
Fly, little dreamer –
But careful now,
The stars are falling,
And scarring up the sky.
Careful, little Icarus,
Don't fly too close,
(They'll burn off those wings).
And maybe they'll outshine you,
But don't wish for starlight,
When you've got that firefly glow,
And don't let them break you.
You're better than that.
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By the way, love,
I wear your name on my skin,
Underneath my clothes,
Along my hips and over my heart
(Like a secret).
I wrote it there carefully,
Cherished the curve of that n,
Adored the curl of your R,
Honoured the sweep of that i,
Treasured the swell of your a.
And maybe one day,
If you lose your name,
You can find it here,
(Over my heart and,
Across my hips,
Under my tongue and,
Between my lips).
And maybe I'll teach you how,
To curl your tongue,
Breathe those syllables,
And say my name.
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Okay, so. If you know me at all, you'll probably know me as sniickers. This is... well, I created this account to submit my writing and such, but I haven't really written anything to submit yet (besides the rather... iffy poems in my gallery).

I'm going to use this account for my writing, poetry and photography, and maybe the occasional other piece of art (things I create for Art at school, or just random things I don't think fit over at sniickers).

I'd love to read what you write, so if you have a recommendation please send me a link or something! I'm not the best writer, but if you want it, I'm willing to give advice... most of the time. One thing you'll learn about me (if you haven't already) is that I am extremely lazy and prone to procrastination.

Anyway, hope you enjoy watching me, guys! :D



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